Welcome at CUBES!

CUBES is an innovative, new company in the field of industrial plastics. CUBES was founded as a subsidiary company of MICADO SMART ENGINEERING GmbH.

Save time and material with our new technology

We mostly produce casted close contour blocks made from polyurethane for moulding, tooling, and cubing. The final contour is approximated in a pixelated pattern. A special material was developed for our blocks. Individual material properties can be chosen by our customers. In comparison to other processes, time and material can be saved. This leads to a decrease in total costs for the whole process by 10-40%. CUBES blocks can be ordered 100% online for the convenience of our customers. Every single block undergoes a 100% quality assurance, in which not only the 3D-contour but also the material properties are examined.

We also produce plates with individual dimensions.

Our material:

  • Compact shavings / low dust formation / wet milling possible
  • Short CNC cycle times
  • Autoclavable until 60°C
  • Individual material properties
  • 100% free of inner tensions (24h tempered)

Success Stories

We love our environment

Up from the foundation of CUBES Gmbh, it was our ambition to develop a technology, which highly takes environmental impact into consideration. Though our customers are requireing plastic material, which is not recycleable. CUBES technology helps to reduce up to 40% of the material, which is used in production process. The used resins are produced from renewable raw materials based on vegetable oils. So we make sure, that the following disposal can be done CO2 neutral.

We are looking forward to your orders and your constructive feedback!